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My Bike
My Old Bike
My Rack
My second SGI ;)
qemu rU|3z
Me in colo
Me angry
Me tired 070606
Me Miss
Me with cat ears
Sergio Oliva's Victory Pose
Me sick
Me at work
My Sun Sparc
My Plane ;)
Zen Garden 1 2 3 4 5
Old Notebook Shots ;) 1 2 3 4 5
Negative Computing
OSX on Netbook

Worried about being no more able to play your old games under winme? ih ih ih...
Worried about being not able to run xchat blackbox or cmatrix under win2k? Cygwin is the solution!
Wanna lame vhosts from your win2k LAN pc? NO PROBLEM
Someone said there are no graphical file managers under unix... ghghgh
Who knows the way to watch live streaming from linux? RealPlayer shot 1 RealPlayer shot 2
IPsec six step Italian guide VPN HowTo
WiFi Lan to Notebook Bridge WiFi Secured
OpenBSD Software Raid Boot+Root OpenBSD Raid
OpenBSD Release Vademecum OpenBSD -STABLE
7zip is really useful for (vfat max 2gb files) multiplaform backups
A simple Vademecum for good cheggit releases
My home ZFS fileserver picture , howto , webadminshot and benchmark
Vezz's cygwin+opensshd+rsyncd italian howto
Solaris LiveUpgrade quick commands (took from Derek Crudgington's blog ) step1 step2 step3
Proper solaris root backup memo
Silly experiment: solaris software-lvm-raid1-root-boot setup inside qemu howto
Italian soekris+CF+openbsd+openvpn+ssltls howto and pic
OpenBSD domU inside OpenSolaris dom0 config
OpenSolaris distro constructor howto, osol is a moving target, so this is prolly outdated osol distro constructor
OpenSolaris XEN HOST sketchpad, this is not an howto, nor complete, use it at your own risk xvm
tahoe-lafs distributed filesystem cluster config and mandatory screenshot
crazy cloud experiment: tahoe-lafs on free cloud proof of concept and screenshots shot1 shot2 shot3 shot4
hadoop on openbsd experiment howto and screenshots shot1 shot2 shot3
quake on mangopi mq-pro howto and config and screenshots shot1 shot2 and video video1

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